About the Artist - Deni Cary Phillips

About the Artist

The year was 2013 and I was embarking on my second trip to Europe -- Paris, Wales, London and the land of my heart, Ireland. It was time for a 'real' camera. I'd been messing around with point-&-shoot cameras for years. They are easy to manage with children in tow, light and small, fit in the purse, blah-blah-blah. But the photo quality and camera capabilities didn't do justice to my subjects. I needed better lenses and better control. I knew this because I'd owned and operated a Pentax ME1000 35mm and been pretty proficient before I gave up my camera bag for a diaper bag.

So I indulged in an 'enthusiast' camera: my dear Nikon D3200. A camera that would do a lot of the work for me until I learned the bells and whistles, and which provided the opportunity to change lenses again. Thus, I began a new adventure, not only in travel, but in seeking subjects along my everyday pathways.

I live in central Missouri, land of rolling hills, verdant woodlands, cornfields and pastures, complete with aging barns and silos. The Missouri River and a number of her tributaries roll by; migrating birds arrive in the wetlands on a regular basis. 

And I travel whenever possible -- made it to Europe again in 2015, and various locations in the U.S. -- so, a little variety in my outdoor shots.

If you make it to Columbia, Missouri, look me up! My work is on constant display in a studio I share in the beautiful and quirky North Village Arts District, downtown, and I often have a piece or two juried into shows at the Columbia Art League.

For now, the only way to acquire a print from me online is personal contact. And I would love to read your comments on any photograph you choose. I hope you enjoy the galleries.

Deni Cary Phillips

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